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Resources and tools

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your application, smart object or concept. If you like, you can also use the resources from our partners to get inspired or flesh out your idea.

The CA Store API lets Crédit Agricole customers access their banking information, including account summaries, transactions and cards. They can also make transfers, find a bank or an ATM and access useful numbers if they lose their credit card.

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IBM is making its APIs and open-source platform for digital innovation available so that you have the best possible shot at coming up with the "killer app". These APIs include Watson, bringing you into the Cognitive age, the Internet of Things Foundation for smart objects and Big Data services for processing your data. That's 140+ services, runtimes and DBs in all, everything you need for a breakthrough application.

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Our API lets you access and share a wide range of data and services in the area of building and home environments. You take it from there!

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Wicross is a smart object aggregation platform that end users can use to share some of their data with their favourite applications. During the Smart Home Challenge we will be giving project teams the chance to ensure compatibility with most of the devices available on the market.

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The hue bridge API is your main tool for controlling lights. The interface assigns a URL in your local network to each of your lights and their settings. This means you can control the lights by sending a new value to the URL.

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  • 1€20,000 worth of prizes to win!


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  • Aribon
  • GEMMaud
  • Belgathor
  • Alexandre
  • SuperPanda
  • KatiaK
  • CareFloor
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  • Anissa
  • maxthab
  • Teos300

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