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Stage 1: Ideation!

Once you have signed up, your team will have until 24 January 2016 to come up with your central concept and lay out the broad strokes in a short deliverable (3 PowerPoint slides).

The initial selection process will then take place. The top 20 projects will be chosen and these teams will move on to the second stage.

Stage 2: Refining and mentoring

During the second stage, the teams with the 20 most promising projects will work on every aspect of their idea. The platform's remote working tools will be very helpful for your team. Plus, you will have the chance to be coached by a Crédit Agricole expert from the technical team.

This stage will take place over the course of two months. You will need to refine your proposal, focusing on the user experience. Concrete development remains optional at this stage.

At the end of this period the submitted proposals will be reviewed by the challenge partners. The top 10 will get the chance to work on making their project a reality by creating a prototype.

Stage 3 - Prototyping and oral presentations

This is the time to develop your prototype and put the finishing touches on your proposal. You will have two months and coaching from Crédit Agricole experts and other partners. Perfect a five-minute pitch that will win over the jury during the grand finale.

Present your finalised proposal to the jury on 3 May 2016. Be persuasive so you can take top honours!

Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€20,000 worth of prizes to win!


  • Amandine_viv
  • ClaireChv
  • NicolasMAZET
  • Lena.L
  • victordel
  • ThCh
  • GEMMaud
  • afreys
  • rafina_d
  • nicoleoliveira
  • éCaroline
  • annesolemoine
  • SliamneENG
  • cgoujeau
  • camillesachy

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