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Microsoft and a major television channel are working together to launch a challenge based on one of the hottest topics in Silicon Valley right now: CHATBOTS!

CHATBOTs, endowed with artificial intelligence (AI), is information technology with high potential. CHATBOTs can answer user questions and provide customised responses. They are rapidly developing with AI, which makes it possible for them to do a multitude of things in many different situations.

The best teams will receive many prizes, including trips, TVs, headphones, and more. Close to €10,000 worth of prizes will be awarded!

 Your mission 

Create a new user experience for viewers

Your mission? Build a CHATBOT that talks with viewers in order to improve the interaction between a television channel and viewers, creating an entirely new viewing experience.

You can build your CHATBOT however you'd like (voice assistant, chat, character, Twitter or Facebook feed, etc.) but the program cannot be just a simple BOT (questions and answers). It must interact with viewers.

For example, your CHATBOT might:
- Provide information about the program being watched (actors, genre, etc.)
- Link to social networks to suggest the most popular programmes
- Ask viewers about their last replays and suggest similar programmes
- Personalise content recommendations for viewers. For example, telling a viewer when the next episode of their favourite series will play

Your CHATBOT could automatically connect to the channel's data (programmes watched, upcoming programmes, actors, broadcasters, title or content of programmes, etc.) as well as to external data (weather, social networks, encyclopaedia, programme database, etc.). If you don't find the data you need in the existing APIs, you can make up your own data sources. For example, you could choose to create a database of films currently in theatres that will soon be available on the television channel.

Use Microsoft’s best tools for free! 

Microsoft is the key corporate partner in this challenge, and it is looking more and more towards innovation and transformation! This new technology is making its début and Microsoft is looking to bring it to television viewers.

To help you with the challenge, Microsoft is giving you access to a whole range of technologies: Azure, LUIS, and BOT Framework to help you build your BOT. These technologies are simple and easy to use. You can build your first CHATBOT in less than an hour, completely free!

Whether this is the first BOT you’ve built or you’re already an expert, nothing is stopping you from this challenge! 

Waiting for selection
Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1Trip in a world capital
  • 2HD TV
  • 3Trip in European capital
  • 4Parrot Headphones
  • 5One year subscription to Deezer Premium


  • blackjmxx
  • ThCh
  • Keride
  • YperLex
  • Naima974
  • CarryOn
  • SierraYankee
  • deriboug
  • Narimane.r
  • Tony
  • JB_Bch
  • jasmine
  • Francois42
  • boehm_s

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