Your team

Your team should be made up of 1 to 5 members. You can have various different profiles that complement each other, such as back-end developer, front-end developer, UX designers, and marketers.

Multi-disciplinary teams often generate the best ideas, since innovation very often results from pooling differing talents and visions.

Please feel free to use the hackate.am platform to look for your teammates and enhance your experience!

 The 3 stages of the challenge

To make it to the first stage, you must first create an Azure Free Trial account (free for one month). For participants moving on to the second stage, accounts will remain free for longer than one month. When you create an Azure account, you must enter your personal information. Don't worry, you won’t be charged, even at the end of your Azure Free Trial. Furthermore, you will be able to delete this information at the end of the challenge.

Stage 1 : Develop your CHATBOT v1.

For this first stage, we ask you to submit:

3 slides, in PowerPoint or PDF format, illustrating your idea, the concept and the technology, as well as an example of the script between your CHATBOT and a viewer. Also, don't forget to introduce us to your team. It is very important that this first step is an overview: it should show an overall view of your project that is both appealing and technical. To do this, you can include illustrations, plans, text or any other type of relevant content.

- For this first step, we recommend creating the first URL version of your CHATBOT as a webchat. This v1 must be:

  • Written with BOTBuilder, either using ASP.NET or Node.JS
  • Launched in Azure
  • Connected via at least two endpoints with the BOT Framework

If you're running short on time to create your CHATBOT prototype, you can use the BOT builder tutorial to build your CHATBOT in less than an hour! In that case, please provide the URL of your BOT.

You may use any API or market data available to make your CHATBOT smarter, such as:

- FaceBook SDK (Social Graph)
- Twitter (Real type flux…)
- Etc.

Stage 2: Further development of your project

If you are selected to be on the short list, you must connect your CHATBOT to the APIs of our partner television channel.

These APIs will only be open to the teams selected for the short list. You will be granted access to all the programme schedules of the channel and all related metadata, including:

- Programme titles
- Broadcast and re-run schedules
- Excerpts or full videos
- Photos
- Credits
- Language
- Summary
- Year
- Type of program (based on a list of keywords/tags)

You must demonstrate how your CHATBOT works and display more advanced conversations between the CHATBOT and the viewer. You can choose the format that works best for you (video demonstrating how your CHATBOT works, prototype, working model, graphic rendition, etc.) or any other deliverable that you deem relevant. However, you must demonstrate how your BOT works.

Microsoft and the partner television channel will provide mentors to the chosen teams to support them in developing their project.

Stage 3 : Final

The five finalist teams will be invited to present their project during the final. This presentation should cover the key concepts of your project and show how your CHATBOT works!


To make it simple and easy to build the best CHATBOT, Microsoft is letting you use its technologies and user guides. All you have to do is choose among the various tools:

- LUIS: a tool to quickly and easily add language comprehension to your BOT. Easy-to-use thanks to its pre-built models, LUIS will guide you through the quick building process for more specialised models.

- BOT Framework: built and connect your bot to interact with viewers wherever they are, via SMS through Skype, Slack, Office 365 and others. So easy to use, all you have to do is follow the steps!

- Azure: will host your CHATBOT online. Simple and easy, this cloud for modern companies is made up of a growing range of integrated cloud services (analysis, mobile functions, networking, storage and web services) that will quickly implement your solutions!


Participation criteria

For a team to be eligible for the challenge, the project must:

- Use the language Node.js or ASP.NET
- Connect to at least 2 endpoints via the BOT Framework
- Host the project on Azure: Azure accounts will be free for all participants for the duration of the challenge. Each participant must create an Azure account.

Selection criteria

During the first selection and the grand finale, the jury will use the following selection criteria to judge the projects:

- Relevance of the project relating to the subject
- Innovative and original project
- Feasibility of the project and ability to be operational quickly
- Features of the program 

Waiting for selection
Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1Trip in a world capital
  • 2HD TV
  • 3Trip in European capital
  • 4Parrot Headphones
  • 5One year subscription to Deezer Premium


  • Tony
  • pbailly001
  • Francois42
  • KillM
  • 20cent
  • clemboisse
  • Narimane.r
  • jhoudan
  • SierraYankee
  • GuillaumeMeyer
  • NoraWar
  • SliamneENG
  • GuillaumeC
  • deriboug
  • Nouhailar

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