Many rewards to win !

Following the Final of the ChatBot Contest, the 5 finalist teams will have the chance to win many rewards! 

But that's not all: be distinguished during a challenge like this is also an opportunity to be spotted by Microsoft teams and great TV channel!




Team 1

Each member of the first team will win a trip in a world capital or the equivalent in gift card (Value 1000€)

Team 2

Each member of the second team will win a HD TV or the equivalent in gift card (Value 400€)




Team 3

Each member of the third team will a trip in a European capital of their choice or the equivalent in gift card! (Value 300€)


Team 4

Each member of the third team will have a Parrot headphones or the equivalent in gift card! (Value 200€)






Team 5

Each member of the fifth team will win a one year subscription to Deezer Premium or the equivalent in gift card!  (Value 120€)



Waiting for selection
Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1Trip in a world capital
  • 2HD TV
  • 3Trip in European capital
  • 4Parrot Headphones
  • 5One year subscription to Deezer Premium


  • SliamneENG
  • JB_Bch
  • blackjmxx
  • YperLex
  • GuillaumeMeyer
  • ThCh
  • GuillaumeC
  • Narimane.r
  • NoraWar
  • Nouhailar
  • RDuguuu
  • deriboug
  • jhoudan
  • KillM

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