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Below is the group of Hack4France APIs which you can incorporate and implement in your projects.


Sponsor GOLD

In partnership with Hack4France, Total is moving towards its ecosystem to innovate and improve the customer experience by providing data. This is a unique opportunity for developers, to provide innovative applications in the field of mobility, route planning and motoring experience.

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Data collected by API Total:

- Total store map that provides you with geolocation cards with which Total service stations can be located. The additional information provided includes the type of fuel sold, services and useful information. You can also add fuel pricing data to this API for price comparison and route optimization purposes. Possible applications: route optimization , price comparison, the possibility of providing services associated with price comparison for service stations in the area (e.g. , Total will repay the price difference between the cheapest station and a Total station close to each other via app) etc.

Total tire pumping provides you with access to all the information on pumping services available in all Total stations. Under regulations related to road safety the subject of pumping services is set to become central. There is an abundance of applications relating to automobiles, networked cars etc., and all you have to do is find the most innovative among them. Possible applications include: prevention, vehicle maintenance etc.

- Total wash provides you with access to information on washing offers: car wash locations, washing services provided, and the opportunity to integrate a payment application for purchasing washing services remotely. Washing is a crucial element of Total offer through which it has earned its position as a market leader. Within this area, Total aims to facilitate access to washing in its distribution (Multichannel integration: digital payment via an app or its website) and in its experience (providing customers with related activities during washing). Possible applications include: planning washes, integrating rental services, improving the washing experience.

Good luck to everyone!

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Sponsor SILVER

Bouygues Telecom aims to provide its customers with all the technological tools required for improving their use of digital products. In this case it is our aim to provide maximum levels of innovation centered on the Bbox to create an ecosystem with an abundance of services.

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Bouygues Telecom intends to provide APIs available through BboxLab, in partnership with l Hack4France

- BBoxLab is a laboratory which caters to developers and plans to launch Bbox Services and Resources

- BboxLab is a prospective and collaborative step with plans to launch these APIs and associated services for the Bbox.

BboxLab currently consists of 4 API domains displayed by the Box which were designed by “OpenSTB” and permits:

  1. User interaction and navigation on TV screens
  2. Control of the Bbox player to initiate playback of audio / video content and also (and especially) the recognition of content being played.
  3. Remote control of applications running on the Bbox, including in the background
  4. The exchange of messages and notifications between Bbox and several Smartphones / Tablet / objects connected in the home: through the Web Socket.

BboxLab provides an SDK that makes it possible to create TV applications (in WebApp format) and 2nd screen applications on smartphones or tablets (iOS and Android, Windows).


TSDK is sufficient for using the main features. IF you also want to integrate the TV stream, you can make a free send request to Box OpenSTB.


It should be noted that the set up box will only be required if you need TV streams. A simulator will be available for you in case you want to develop more complex applications.

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Sponsor BRONZE

Canal TP provides information on public transport networks in open data in the form of Data as a Service (DaaS) through its API The API integrates transportation information from Paris, Nantes, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam etc. 

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A digital subsidiary of the Keolis group, Canal TP has designed and developed solutions and information services for 12 years to support travellers on their journeys. A leader in France, Canal TP creates websites, mobile applications, route calculators and information systems that take into account the different forms of transport in real time. Traveller information solutions - developed by Canal TP are published in SaaS format and now cover 60% of the French territory. They are based on Navitia, its open source technology. 
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API for conducting searches

Algolia provides a search tool which can be accessed using an API.
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This start-up makes it possible for developers to integrate intuitive research in real time which is tolerant to typing errors and provides instant visual feedback. It helps bring a new research experience and higher qualification databases available on Internet sites, mobile applications, etc. 
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Big data

Cityzen Data provides a hosted solution for the collection, storage and analysis of data from sensors.

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This start-up makes use of personal measurement (quantified self) and of Big data, and provides a range of services for both professional athletes and the general public using data produced and extracted from connected clothing.
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Accessibility information offers a collaborative guide to places .accessible to people with reduced mobility.  

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The key objective of this recognized public interest service is to make it possible for people with reduced mobility to occupy an integral part of city life, in support of the concept of universal accessibility.
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Media monitoring

Mention is a media monitoring tool on the web, and also on social networks.

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This start-up allows you to create alerts and be informed in real time of each new mention of a brand, a company or an individual.
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Netatmo  Connected objects 
Netatmo is a start-up that allows you to measure your environment and enhance your lifestyle using connected objects such as thermostats, weather stations, June etc. 

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Sculpteo is a French start- up specializing in 3D printing. Sculpteo provides an online 3D printing service, rapid prototyping etc. 

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Sketchfab is a web platform which makes it possible to publish and share interactive 3D content online.

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Millions of people create 3D models or scan the world around them in 3D, so why should they have to share their creations in 2D? The aim of Sketchfab is to become a reference platform for publishing 3D content online..
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Voice integration 

THECALLR provides a cloud telecommunications platform in order to facilitate voice integration and innovative technologies. A pioneer of Call Tracking in France, their ambition is to become a leader in the European market.

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With THECALLR API, send SMS anywhere in the world (and get answers!). You can also call any phone number and control the call, allocate numbers dynamically, create conference calls, call forwarding ...
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Tilkee is a start -up that provides its customers with a simple solution to improve prospecting. With detailed reading statistics its clients can organize commercial relaunches and save time.

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Connected objects 
Ubudu is a mobile technology agency that assists brands in establishing personalized relationships with their customers.

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UBeacon’s BLE connecting terminals initiate contextual interactions when a client is in at a strategic point in a retail outlet: greeting at the entrance, departmental promotional coupons, checkout mobile payments, loyalty points at the exit, etc.
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Aldebaran Robotics is the world leader in humanoid robotics.

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The company manufactures and markets interactive and autonomous humanoid robots including NAO. This small humanoid robot has been designed to function as a caring household companion on a daily basis.
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Deezer Music 
Deezer is an on demand music listening site where users can access their favourite artists, tracks, albums and create site and exchange playlists without the need to make any downloads.

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  • 1€5,300 of prizes
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  • 3€1,800 of prizes
  • 4€1,600 of prizes
  • 5€1,500 of prizes


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