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"Voulez-vous hacker avec moi, ce soir ?"

Developers and creative individuals of all backgrounds, the time has come to make France’s colors shine!

We have gathered the very best French APIs for you from all possible sources: start-ups, innovative businesses and even large organizations.

Take them and combine them as you desire and create the service that will give rise to French digital innovation!

  Your challenge

You have two months to build your teams and create prototypes of the applications that you have always dreamed of using the best French APIs! Are you ready to take up the challenge?


There are more than €12,500 worth of prizes to be won including a trip to San Francisco! It is also an excellent opportunity for you to bring your work to the attention of our partners including Prix Total.

You have until the 22nd of June, 2014 to assemble your team and send us your prototype and your presentation file!

Microsoft is also offering a free Azure Pass equivalent to €173 worth of cloud resources to host your application throughout the competition (see the Prizes and Rewards section).


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Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€5,300 of prizes
  • 2€2,300 of prizes
  • 3€1,800 of prizes
  • 4€1,600 of prizes
  • 5€1,500 of prizes


  • mjharpon
  • Narain_m
  • Nementon
  • annecb
  • smombuleau
  • barkaos
  • Ricci
  • Stradigix
  • Mimil00
  • hzitoun
  • LikeMyGeek
  • totopsy
  • naciri_t
  • katana
  • Lezarius

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