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1st prize: a trip to San Francisco -worth €800 per member /maximum value is €4,000

+ €1,000 Aldebaran licence + €200 Microsoft check and 5 Biz Spark accounts + €169 Netatmo Weather Station and a €100 Deezer (1 year premium accounts, t- shirts and bags)



Prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places


2nd team
€1,000 gift vouchers
+ €1,000 Aldebaran licence
+ €200 Microsoft check and 5 Biz Spark accounts
+ €100 Deezer (1 year premium accounts, t- shirts and bags)

3rd team
€500 gift vouchers 
+ €1,000 Aldebaran licence
+ €200 Microsoft check and 5 Biz Spark accounts
+ €100 Deezer (1 year premium accounts, t- shirts and bags)

4th team
€300 gift vouchers
+ €1,000 Aldebaran licence
+ €200 Microsoft check and 5 Biz Spark accounts
+ €100 Deezer (1 year premium accounts, t- shirts and bags)

5th team
200€ gift vouchers
+ 1000€ licence Aldebaran
+ 200€ Microsoft check and 5 Biz Spark accounts
+ 100€ Deezer (1 year premium accounts, t- shirts and bags)



Special offers from our partners:

Total Reward 

Win a trip to Singapore (flight and accommodation)






Total Reward will select the team which makes use of its API in combination with those belonging to start-ups to define new uses / innovative solutions. The managers of Total will also offer service development support to the first 10 teams who have forwarded a request through an online coaching module. Quickly mention your position on the price in your team description and apply for coaching by email via

In addition to the criteria defined above, the jury will pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  1. The integration of external APIs improving customer experience
  2. Inventiveness of use and its relationship with Total’s mission
  3.  The speed with which the project is implemented 

Accompagnement Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom, which is interested in getting involved in the creative process of teams integrating the API, will provide the first 15 of them with service development support. Note that the first to register, will be the first to be considered!

Request for a box

Ressources Microsoft

Microsoft will provide an Azure Pass equivalent to €173 worth of cloud resources for 30 days.

The activated Azure Pass includes a draw * to select the winner of an Xbox One.

* Free game with no purchase necessary, see Regulations

Request a pass

Biz Spark Plus accounts will be provided to the ten start-ups whose APIs are selected (worth $ 60,000 of Azure cloud resources).

Pass Deezer


Deezer is offering Premium accounts for three months to teams which use its API.




Five winners will be selected by a jury consisting of key leaders in French digitalisation and innovation. The jury will make its selection based on the following criteria:

  1. API Diversity: the number and relevance of selected APIs. The jury will also take the combined use of APIs between start-ups and large companies into consideration.
  2. Creativity with regards to the use of the application.
  3. Features and quality of the rendering of the application or the service: Degree of completion of the application - operability - and relevance of its use.
  4. Wow Effect: scope of service and representation of French digitalization potential.
Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€5,300 of prizes
  • 2€2,300 of prizes
  • 3€1,800 of prizes
  • 4€1,600 of prizes
  • 5€1,500 of prizes


  • Shaze
  • Tc Techer
  • pierre.medard
  • Griffin
  • Bilalonic
  • Antoine07
  • Farrel
  • micheal390
  • LilSunRise
  • hzitoun
  • Nementon
  • Rookie
  • LeMérovingien
  • MLOptimiam
  • Brionne

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