This hackathon is closed.


Your team must have between one and five members. Ideally, you should try to create a team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. This will give you a broader skill set and help to encourage new ideas. Innovation often comes from the meeting of different skills and talents.

Alternatively, you can join an existing, incomplete team, share your knowledge with the other member(s) and improve your own chances of winning. You can also talk to other people on the site via video-conference or chat, so geography is no obstacle!


You have to submit 2 documents:

  • a template (4 PowerPoint slides) that sums up your project.
  • a prototype that can be illustrated by a PowerPoint, videos, lines of code, illustrations, screenshots or any other elements that can proved your prototype is functional. 

Download the template

You will upload this presentation online and you will be asked to submit it online in English by outlining your initial ideas, introducing your team and indicating which APIs you are using. 

You should upload these documents to the platform before midnight on May, 31st 2015.

The companies will vote for all projects from May, 31st until June, 10th 2015. 

The top ten teams, i.e. one from each category, will then have the chance to pitch their project at the final of Hack4Europe at the Ministry of Economy on July, 2nd 2015 in front of 500 persons. You will present your application to the top manager of our partners! 


From now on, you'll have the opportunity to get a mentor that will guide you all along the hackathon. if you wish. Your mentor will be there to give you some advice and help you in the development of your application. The communication will be via the platform. 

You'll be asked about getting a mentor and then, you'll receive a notification on May, 6th 2015.


Selection criteria

Your entry will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Creativity in the use of the application.
  2. Diversity of the APIs / relevance: the number and relevance of selected APIs.
  3. Features and quality in using the application or serivce. 
  4. Presentation and WOW effect: think about the design and presentation of the application.

At the final, the top 10 teams will have the chance to win several prizes.

But that's not all. The Challenge is also an opportunity to make a name for yourself and demonstrate your talents and to meet representatives of major companies.