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Stack Overflow is the home of developers and their most beloved website. Today, Stack Overflow is visited by around 40 million people each month and has become a global platform for developers. This is their go-to site to find a job, exchange knowledge and build their reputation in the world of programming.

Stack Overflow's uniqueness is its single-minded obsession with serving programmers. Whether it is with a better Q&A site or by gathering the best job listings for developers, we want every programmer to feel at home on Stack Overflow.

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If you want to get involved in developing French start-up ecosystems and helping their influence and appeal grow, you are ‘French Tech’: entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, bloggers, major companies, research laboratories, prestigious ‘grandes écoles’, universities, associations, publicity companies, local administrations, and more.

Today, France is moving into high gear to benefit from the digital revolution. French Tech is the name of this movement, the expression of shared will and enthusiasm. We have a cause to promote together: strengthening the growth and influence of our start-ups and digital ecosystems. Our goal? That in a few years, thousands of start-ups will be flourishing in France, establishing themselves on the international level, and increasing their number of employees from a few to a few thousand.

French Tech embodies a generation of entrepreneurs that are at once globalized, ambitious, and attached to their roots. It embodies a lifestyle, an entrepreneurship style, and a type of expertise that feeds on a way of being ‘à la française’.

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SIGFOX is the world’s leading provider of global, simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient connectivity and services for the Internet of Things (IoT) that any company can use to create new business models, accelerate digital transformations, and create new value, right now.

SIGFOX’s unique solution is based on a dedicated network being rolled out globally, that delivers ubiquitous connectivity to billions of objects that will use the IoT. The network complements existing high-bandwidth systems by providing economical, low power, two way transmission of small quantities of data over long distances, thus lowering cost barriers to wide implementation of IoT and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices.

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vente-privee.comcreated the concept of online sales events and is the global leader in the sector.

This company is a specialist since 2001 in online clearance for major brands, access to which is reserved for its 30 million members in Europe. Signing up for the club is free and without obligation to purchase.

Sales take place over a limited period (three to five days) and are organized in close collaboration with over 3,000 major international brands in all areas: prêt-à-porter, fashion accessories, household goods, toys, sporting equipment, high-tech products, gastronomy, trips, and more. A partnership with these brands allows them to offer heavily discounted prices (50 to 70% off) compared to recommended retail prices.

With 2,800 employees,  vente-privee.comis present in eight European countries and achieved 1.7 billion euros (including VAT) in consumer sales in 2014.

vente-privee.comis one of the first online retailers to have launched a mobile application: today it accounts for 75% of traffic and over 50% of its revenue comes from mobile sales, with its application downloaded over six million times.

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  • 1€9,000 worth of prizes
  • 2€4,500 worth of prizes
  • 3€4,000 worth of prizes
  • 4€1,250 worth of prizes
  • 5€1,250 worth of prizes


  • Insaf
  • olivia.bruce
  • Sonny1987
  • Abraham
  • smrabet
  • adrien3d
  • Alessandro Morales
  • AtnPrt
  • BigFares
  • DamienGlt
  • iterfacio
  • RomainFranceschi
  • KarlaEmilia
  • Steph_Vuk
  • Camille.Farineau

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