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Stage 1 - Ideation

You have until 28 February to turn in your short deliverable (3 slides), presenting the outline of your idea, to the platform. Whether you’re presenting a connected object or an application, make sure your argument is strong so you can convince the jury.

French Tech Hackathon with 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress

If you turn in your file before 14 February, you may have the chance to participate in one of the five to ten teams selected to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February.

For three days, innovation professionals will offer you their support, helping you strengthen your project.

You can use a short questionnaire in your team space to indicate your interest in this event. Fill out the fields First Name, Surname, Birthdate, and Departure City of each team member so tickets can be reserved for you if you are selected.

Connected Day

The Connected Day is the Connected Challenge’s unmissable event, which will take place, like last year, at the location of our partner, 42. The team is not required to be physically present but it is a great way to have fun and make your first contact with participating partners and mentors!

If you’d like to participate, it’s easy: sign up for the event  here and join us on 10 February.

Stage 2 - Further Development

At the end of the first stage, 20 teams will be selected to further develop their projects.

At this stage, you will have access to partnering fab labs if you want to begin prototyping your connected object. If you are developing an application, this is the time for you to start creating mock-ups or even developing it if you have the skills to do so.

During these six weeks of further development, experts from partner companies will be there to mentor you on the platform. You will be able to discuss your project with them.

You must turn in a more substantial file which presents your project in a minimum of around fifteen slides before 17 April. All the documents that you can add will be taken into account by the jury (presentation video, prototype photo, mock-ups of the application, etc.).

Stage 3 - The Grand Finale

Only five teams will have the chance to orally present their projects on 12 May 2016. Presenting in front of all the event’s partners, you will have seven minutes to convince them that your project is ambitious and realistic, and that you deserve first place on the podium.


Who can sign up?

The Connected Challenge 2 is open to all technology and connected objects enthusiasts who want to develop a fun and useful IoT project with fellow team members, with support from experts in the field!

Developers, makers, designers, engineers, sales professionals, and more: the Connected Challenge is the first team hackathon open to all different profiles! With two to a maximum of five team members, bring your friends along on the adventure!

Connected Challenge 2 sign-ups are open from Monday 4 January 2016 to 28 February 2016.

Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€9,000 worth of prizes
  • 2€4,500 worth of prizes
  • 3€4,000 worth of prizes
  • 4€1,250 worth of prizes
  • 5€1,250 worth of prizes


  • antoineguille
  • adeprez
  • Keride
  • sifrati
  • maxoumime
  • Marwen
  • InesBabz
  • ThCh
  • Mithra
  • olivia.bruce
  • KarlaEmilia
  • Frederic.Bastie
  • olivierhlg
  • lijiayijessie
  • littleLioness

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