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The Connected Challenge is back!

Are you interested in connected objects? After hearing about the first challenge, would you like to participate in the second one? Do you have ideas for fun and useful applications or connected objects?

Then the Connected Challenge is made for you!

Whether you’re a developer, maker, designer, business developer, or simply a technology and connected objects enthusiast, sign up now and participate in the second Connected Challenge!


For the Connected Challenge, partners come together each year to help professional or amateur teams come up with and develop their connected service, especially through:

  • A unique multidisciplinary experience online through the platform
  • One month of technical support from partners
  • Access to cutting-edge technology in the 15 partnering fab labs
  • A preferential relationship with key players in the French IoT ecosystem
  • Many prizes in store, including trips and connected objects valued at up to €7,000 for the first team

Major companies, experts, start-ups, and fab labs are united to help enthusiasts create fun and useful applications and connected objects!

Your challenge

This year, the Connected Challenge offers you two competitions in one! The competition is effectively widening its theme and offering two big challenges in this second edition:
1 - To create connected object prototype in teams. With materials made available to you by Sigfox, you can create the connected object of your dreams with your own hands.
2 - To develop innovative applications, using at least one of our partners’ APIs.

The time has come to choose!




Make a new connected object


Create a new mobile application

Beyond the rewards, you will have the chance to talk with the event’s partner companies and maybe even work with them to create a prototype for your project!

4YFN at the Mobile World Congress

Application files are due before 28 February to participate in the Connected Challenge. But if you turn in your file before 14 February, you may be lucky enough to be part of one of the five to ten teams selected to attend the French Tech Hackathon with 4YFN event during the Mobile World Congress from 22 to 25 February in Barcelona.

On the sidelines of the internationally known Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, another essential meeting takes place, dedicated to start-ups, 4YFN (read Four Years From Now). This year, nearly 12,000 visitors and 500 investors are expected to attend, all there to find the pearl among 450 exhibitors spread over 18,000 square meters. And don’t forget the media, since the largest outlets covered 4YFN in 2015: TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Guardian, and more.

And if a large-scale, not-to-be-missed event is taking place, French Tech certainly will not miss it. This year, France has tried to show its strength and demonstrate to international journalists and investors at the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN the excellence of ‘made in France’ innovation. To do so, what better way than to showcase French innovators themselves? This will be the goal of the French Tech Hackathon, a series of challenges over 3 days, in which between five and ten ‘French Tech-er’ teams will compete in a 120-square-meter space at the heart of 4YFN. Investors, journalists, and other visitors will be able to watch the project take shape—and who knows, maybe witness the birth of the French Google!

To receive an invitation to this event, turn in your file before 14 February in your ‘teams’ space and answer the questionnaire in your team space to indicate your interest.

The Connected Day

The Connected Day is the Connected Challenge’s not-to-be-missed event, which will take place, like last year, at the location of our partner, the school 42. The team is not required to be physically present but it is a great way to have fun and make your first contact with participating partners and mentors!

If you’d like to participate, it’s easy: sign up for the event here.


From 15 billion today, the number of connected objects will rise to reach between 50 and 80 billion by 2020. Many products will have an impact on sectors that today are little affected by the Internet, notably including the home, cars, and, as a result, insurance.

Makers, developers, students from all backgrounds, French Tech, Sigfox and Vente privée are bringing the IoT ecosystem to the heart of the Connected Challenge at the connected objects hackathon.

The Connected Challenge will take place over four months. In this period, you must come up with your idea, develop it, and finally present it during the grand finale. Your team will have access to a remote working space on the platform. An expert from a partner company may also support and advise you to maximise your chance of seeing your project come to fruition.

Are you ready to change the world of connected objects?

Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€9,000 worth of prizes
  • 2€4,500 worth of prizes
  • 3€4,000 worth of prizes
  • 4€1,250 worth of prizes
  • 5€1,250 worth of prizes


  • antoineguille
  • adeprez
  • Keride
  • sifrati
  • maxoumime
  • Marwen
  • InesBabz
  • ThCh
  • Mithra
  • olivia.bruce
  • KarlaEmilia
  • Frederic.Bastie
  • olivierhlg
  • lijiayijessie
  • littleLioness

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