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Hackers and entrepreneurs from around the world, time has come to code the application you have ever dreamed of!

For you, DigitasLBi, PayPal and Canal TP have gathered the best european start-ups and the most creative start-ups from the Silicon Valley in The Connected Challenge, the Internet Of Things hackathon.

Your Challenge

Meet online other developers, designers and entrepreneurs like you and start coding the next application that will change the future of the Internet Of Things world by picking up at least one API we are offering to you here.


There are more than €20,000 worth of prizes (Playstation 4, Pebble, Withings, Sphero, etc.) to be won including a trip to San Francisco, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro! 

Partner Prizes
The Connected Challenge is an excellent opportunity for you to get noted by our partners with the DigitasLBi Prize, the PayPal Prize and the Pebble Prize (check out "Rewards")!

The proceeding

In a few clicks, register on the platform, create or join a team, seize APIs of your choice and start developing a prototype!

With The Connected Challenge, seize the 10 APIs provided by start-ups and large companies and try to create the best application that will embody the future of Internet of Things before February 15th!


Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€9,000 of prizes
  • 2€4,500 of prizes
  • 3€4,000 of prizes
  • 4€1,250 of prizes
  • 5€1,250 of prizes


  • Ankit_Khandelwal
  • Katlea
  • z0mbie42
  • AkdM
  • GermainC
  • VivienL
  • kchau
  • JulienBlc
  • ileossa
  • dgael
  • poney
  • Mehdi TAZI
  • stLivio
  • creacht
  • Marion

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